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    This is a REALLY interesting and important read.

    This article won (or contributed to the winning of) three Hugo awards this year: Best Related Work, Best Fan Writer (Kameron Hurley) and Best Fanzine (A Dribble of Ink). Fantastic work.

    Seriously, this is a really amazing article and you should read it. 

    Hi there I have a question and I hope it's okay to ask!!! I seriously struggle with drawing faces even while doing the Loomis method and feel like I'm relying too heavily on references just to get by on every single sketch... how did you go about practicing to gain such confidence? T___T

    Asked by Anonymous

    It’s always ok to ask questions!! I hope no one ever feels too shy to ask. ; u ;
    I think the simple answer is: I drew a LOT of faces. It’s my favorite thing to draw (I think it’s popular among most artists) and I like drawing a real variety of faces. There’s no shame in using reference! If there is a specific face I like, I’ll use reference and draw it from many different angles until I can sort of commit the proportions to memory, and then I can emphasize certain features from there. Try using an actor or a model and doing studies from reference, and then try one without.

    (I think it’s hard to give a better answer without seeing your work, and knowing specifically what you’re struggling with.)

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